Cutting Edge Ministries came into being in 2003 as a God-given vision

Why “Cutting Edge?”

Gill Gifford

Because so often lives have been wounded, damaged, and hurt by the cutting edge of people’s words, the past or traumatic situations; while others have been pierced, crushed or even stabbed by the circumstances of life. In fact everyone has been on the cutting edge at certain times! But the Good News is that, Jesus came to heal the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to the physical and spiritual captives and the opening of the prison and the eyes of those who are bound…. TO PROCLAIM..THIS IS THE YEAR OF HIS FAVOUR. Isaiah 61:1-2

The Sailing Boat represents the true Cutting Edge of the Spirit-filled life of freedom, excitement, progress and purpose and leaning into God in total dependency on Him. It means cutting the moorings that hold us, launching out into all that God has for us and allowing the Holy Spirit to take us out on the great swelling tide of His plans and purposes.

The Cutting Edge encourages people to leave behind the safe, smooth waters of the harbour, and move out into the great unfathomable riches of Christ to fulfill your destiny! It means to let down your spiritual nets into deep waters, soar beyond the circumstances and DARE to be GOD´S HOLY VESSEL in this day and age wherever you are!

This is certainly the most exciting and challenging time to live in and WE MUST MAKE A DIFFERENCE because it is SO near Jesus coming back again!